Sunday, May 22, 2016

The SuperFooty Podcast: Round 9 review

Paul Roos might have missed it, but Anthony Hudson got the controversial memo about deliberate rushed behinds. He reveals its contents and debates the consequences with Michael Warner and Sam Edmund. Also on the agenda: the GWS juggernaut, Patrick Dangerfield's goalkicking yips, Nathan Buckley's testy relationship with the media, should the AFL have a send-off rule and will Fremantle win a game this season?

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Round 8 review

CARLTON “infinitely better” under Brendon Bolton, oh the life of a Tigers fan and did the Bombers actually beat North Melbourne?
Our supercharged SuperFooty podcast panel is back after a big Round 8 to discuss all the action, including the Tigers’ thrilling win (so yes, that means Mick Warner has returned!) and Carlton’s continued rise.
Geelong’s win over the Crows means it’s high fives all round on the panel, and the boys are up and about.
But not all’s peachy, with footy in Queensland “toxic”, Lions coach Justin Leppitsch really under the pump and Mick believing the AFL needs to take responsibility for the Gold Coast’s current struggles.
Sam Edmund seemed a little bemused by the reaction of Bombers fans after their loss to the Kangas — a team that continues to fly under the radar despite a 8-0 start to the season.
“North just keep winning and no-one keeps talking about them.”
Plus the boys bring up the ‘T’ word with Fremantle (are they tanking?), Sammy reckons we could be on track for a rematch of 2008 and Mick has seen this year’s Rising Star winner ... who’s lucky to be alive.
It’s all covered in a big Round 8 SuperFooty podcast.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The SuperCoaches Box: Round 7 review

A fresh face joins the podcast to debate which rookies need to be culled this week to make room for Christian Petracca. Gary Ablett, Tom Rockliff and Ben Keays are also on the agenda and a shock injury rocks Team Gardiner. Get the best SuperCoach advice from Al Paton, Gilbert Gardiner and Kate Salemme.

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

The SuperFooty Podcast - Round 7 Review

THE Blues came with “an appetite” while Collingwood is in no man’s land after Saturday's disappointing loss to their arch rival.
So where to now for Nathan Buckley and the Pies? It’s the main talking point in this week’s SuperFooty Podcast.
Sam Edmund says while injuries have played a part at the Westpac Centre, he’s not buying.
“You don’t lose to a side that was supposed to finish 18th this year and is in the early stages of a rebuild ... This is a side almost in decay somehow.”
Meanwhile, the coach’s position also comes up for debate ... can Bucks coach? The boys say it’s hard to tell.
“Right now the evidence is starting to become compelling that he’s struggling to get the message through to his players,” Jon Anderson says, while also pointing to the calibre of players to have left in recent seasons as “a worry” for the Pies.
The shot clock and finale to the North Melbourne-St Kilda caused plenty of debate, and the boys are split on their opinion of the countdown clock.
Etihad Stadium was the scene of plenty of drama at the weekend, but Eddie Betts didn’t have a big say in Saturday night’s contest — and former premiership coach Denis Pagan thinks he knows why.
Meanwhile, Sammy thinks we may have witnessed the birth of the AFL’s new great rivalry.
Geelong is the new flag favourite according to the bookies, but the boys aren’t yet convinced they’re the team to beat.
Again, we go through the premiership contenders, but Ando has some strong words for one team many think can seriously challenge. “They stink.” Who is he referring to?
Port Adelaide returned to the winner’s list, but have they turned the corner? Who’s more likely to turn the corner out of the Power and the improving demons? Can you trust either side?
Plus the Swans look ominous, especially with the big bloke up forward booting sausage rolls. Can Buddy top the ton?
It’s all covered in a big Round 7 SuperFooty podcast.

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Round 6 review

GROUNDHOG Day for the Tigers, a day to forget for Hawthorn and who are the legitimate challengers for the 2016 premiership?
It’s becoming a predictable story for Richmond and the boys dissect the tale for Damien Hardwick’s men — and where to from here. To trade or rebound? If it’s the former, what price would a Brett Deledio yield at the trade table?
The Hawks took a big hit at the weekend and Sammy Edmund got his nerd on with some super stats on why Clarko’s mob are finding their premiership defence that much tougher.
“Every single stat you care to mention, they’re struggling in,” he says.
The team that beat them, GWS, deserves plenty of credit. Mick Warner prefers to call them ‘Frankenstein’.
“The AFL’s created this monster and for the next 10 years we’re just going to have to sit back and watch it win premierships ... Eddie (McGuire) will do a head gasket when this hits full speed, which is not far off it because Leon Cameron has got his hands on a Ferrari.”
The Giants are one of a number of sides capable of going all the way in 2016 according to Sammy. He lists a few, including the Cats who he’s big on.
North Melbourne is also impressing. Many of the names are familiar, but the boys discuss one man who most AFL fans have never heard of.
Plus there’s the usual segments. Sammy says forget Game of Thrones, Ross Lyon TV is must-see entertainment each week, while Huddo could see the Demons’ drop-off coming.
It’s a big SuperFooty podcast.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

The SuperFooty Podcast - Round 5 review

RICHMOND is under the pump and we have a yellow and black panel in this week's SuperFooty podcast, with Tiger fans Jon Ralph and Mick Warner joining host Anthony Hudson to give their insight into what's up at Punt Road.

And what is the way forward.

"Even if Richmond could make it to the finals they're just wasting their time because they're not going to go deep ... They're in a massive hole, list-wise," one panel member says.

But there might be good things further ahead for Damien Hardwick.

"Richmond have got a lot of money to pay some players next year ... I think they'll get a big fish at the end of the year."

The boys liked what they saw from Collingwood on Anzac Day, but where does this leave Travis Cloke?

"Travis now is like that bush footballer ... he just doesn't go at the pill, but being dropped back might be the best thing for him," one panel member says. Could he be traded at year's end? What price would a club pay? The boys discuss.

Those at the top of the table kept on doing their thing, and Mick says he now believes in North Melbourne.

We shouldn't be surprised by the Sydney Swans' continued success, but Adelaide was "robbed" against the Hawks.

Plus there's the usual segments, Be Kind Rewind, and Is It Just Me, Or ... where someone comes up with "the meanest, most miserable thing" Ralphy has ever heard.

Don't miss a Tiger-filled SuperFooty podcast.

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Round 4 review

MICK Warner is back in the chair after a couple of Tiger losses and his fellow panellists are shocked.

He's joined by Sammy Edmund and Huddo as the boys discuss another big weekend of AFL footy.

Huddo is back and off the plane, and he tells the boys he was just one row behind a certain Australian sporting legend on his way back from Adelaide on Sunday. Could it be?

Meanwhile, the eight is starting to take shape which prompts some discussion ... "The eight won't change now, will it?"

Losses to Port Adelaide, Collingwood and Richmond has some high-profile coaches under the pump. Which coach would you least like to be - Ken Hinkley, Damien Hardwick or Nathan Buckley?

Mick thinks there's some angst at the Pies that might be causing disharmony - and affecting on-field results.

"I just think not all is well at Collingwood."

Most sides have adopted a new game plan in 2016, but which have missed the bus?

The pressure will be on leading into Anzac Day, and Sammy thinks the plucky Bombers will give a good fight.

"It's the equivalent of a free-hit for John Worsfold. He's got nothing to lose, and Buckley's got everything to lose."

The Steven May bump on Stef Martin had the boys fired up, with talk of a send-off rule on the agenda. The boys also predicted what penalty the AFL's MRP would hand May. How did they fare?

Plus will the Dogs suffer from 'The Etihad Effect', who's gone from battler to absolute jet and Mick declares his premiership fave.

The boys are up and about in this week's SuperFooty Podcast.

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