Monday, August 31, 2015

The SuperFooty Podcast - Round 22

RESTING is on the agenda this week after Fremantle coach Ross Lyon signalled his intent to hold several Freo stars back in Perth ahead of his side's Round 23 trip to Port this week.

And there were mixed views among the SuperFooty podcast crew.

"They should do exactly what they're gonna do, and that's mass rest," Sammy Edmund said.

However Mick Warner warned the Dockers against the practise, believing it may cost the minor premier in coming weeks.

"You never flirt with your form, and I'm thrilled that Ross Lyon is doing this. I think it's arrogant and I think it'll come back to bite them on the bum," he said.

"Is it in the spirit of the game? Is the AFL happy with this? Why are we even playing the game? What a rort, the whole game is a joke ... Gillon McLachlan didn't like Lachie Henderson coming out telling the truth (and saying he wanted to be traded), then I'd like to know what he thinks about a team playing dead. I think it stinks."

The coaching merry-go-round continues with a couple of clubs still looking to fill their head post on a permanent basis. And John Worsfold's name has come back into the frame.

"My feeling is if they could get Worsfold to coach them then they would, right now," Huddo says. But which club is Huddo talking about?

Meanwhile the Cats face some tough decisions on list management after failing to reach September, while they also chase a few free agents. But where is their list at?

"You've reached this point now, where, I think you're (Geelong) heading south," Mick said.

"People think you'll get those three players and you'll go up. I'm not convinced about that."

Cats fan Anthony Hudson says the club does need to be cautious as it seeks to rejuvenate.

"The risk they face is turning the team around this way and moving up to finish fifth .. if it doesn't come off, where does it leave them? In the same position they're in now."

Sammy says Brendon Bolton shouldn't have bothered heading north to watch his new club play the Giants, and there's also trade talk about Carlton big man Matthew Kreuzer.

Plus Mick has done some of his best detective work and found THE speech that inspired the Western Bulldogs big win over North Melbourne, and which teams are facing a "catastrophic" result if they lose an elimination final?

All that plus a new segment, Care Factor, in the Round 22 edition of the SuperFooty podcast.


Sunday, August 23, 2015

The SuperFooty Podcast - Round 21

IS THIS the year a team comes from outside the top four to snatch the AFL premiership?

The boys discuss the top eight in this week's podcast and Ando is bullish about the bottom half of the eight, believing it's the best qualified group of challengers he can recall in a long while.

"There's not a weak side, there."

All the weekend matches get a going over in this week's podcast, including North Melbourne whose credentials grew after their come-from-behind win over Fremantle.

But can either team do any damage when the business end of the year gets under way?

There's no doubting West Coast, however, who despite an undermanned backline continues to be an "incredible story".

Not enjoying as good a time is Collingwood, whose lack of effort late against Richmond was "alarming", while skill errors also hurt the Pies.

And Huddo says someone who used to be at the club has given him an insight as to what the problem may be.

Stevie J's up-and-down night against St Kilda was put under the microscope with the boys discussing whether it will impact his chances of staying on at the Cats next season.

Carlton towelled Melbourne, with the Demons' woes drawing criticism from Mick, and the panel questioning whether Roosy has taken the club forward.

"What hasn't helped is that Luke Beveridge has gone into the Bulldogs and turned them around, that Alan Richardson has gone into St Kilda ... it's just a methodical growth pattern that we're seeing," Huddo said.

Essendon didn't get the points against Gold Coast but interim coach Matthew Egan impressed and is a name to remmeber for the future, according to Ando.

Plus a clip for "arrogant" Hawks fans - and Hodgey - plenty of interest in Matthew Leuenberger, Huddo loves the long handball and will 'SOS' call on former club at trade time?


Sunday, August 16, 2015

The SuperFooty Podcast - Round 20

IT'S been another huge week in footy and the SuperFooty Podcast has it all covered.

With James Hird squarely in the headlights again, Mick thinks it's just a matter of time - and money - before Essendon and Hird part ways.

Following revelations of Essendon players continuing to struggle with the looming WADA appeal, Mick says things are at an all-time low for the Bombers.

"I couldn't imagine a lower place for a club in the history of the game, actually ... you know how Roosy says his players are mentally scarred from, whatever they were, the tanking years? What about this group at Essendon? They must be torched permanently because they've been through a lot more than that Melbourne team."

The Western Derby showed West Coast are a legitimate threat this season but was the result a good thing for Fremantle?

The boys discuss if Freo actually wanted to win, and all the possible scenarios for the top four after the weekend results.

Is Freo now in danger of missing the top two and can the Bulldogs hang tough and make the top four?

After a few teams copped hammerings at the weekend, the boys renewed their calls for a shorter season, calling on a 17-round season and issues the AFL faced with the current fixture.

"It's always been a joke ... it's the biggest problem for the AFL, their biggest bugbear," Ando said.

The MRP was kept busy after several incidents and the boys dissect the high-profile incidents, saying the damage caused should not have an impact on any punishment handed out by the MRP.

Plus the boys take a look at the coaching candidates at Carlton, the flying Crows, Brisbane's possible draft picks, the struggling Dees and the unconvincing Kangas.


Sunday, August 9, 2015

The SuperFooty Podcast - Round 19

DRUGS were the hot topic on Monday and the boys discuss the secret documents revealed in Monday's Herald Sun and the bans accepted by Collingwood pair Josh Thomas and Lachie Keeffe.

Sammy, Mick and Huddo look at Saturday night's results and what they mean for the top two, top four and possible top eight.

Hawthorn edged closet to a top-two finish after its gutsy win over West Coast, which Ando believes may have been one of the Eagles' best performances of the season.

Are the Hawks now a shoe-in to finish top two or, with Freo 10 points clear atop the ladder, could Ross Lyon throw a curve in the Hawks' plans this weekend?

One team looking good for the top four is the Western Bulldogs, but Sammy is perplexed why they were not afforded one Friday night game in 2015.

"They are the Jennifer Hawkins of the AFL and they're not on the runway ... how can that be?"

The boys analyse Luke Beveridge's men and discuss Robbo's article from Monday's Herald Sun, which poses the question: can the Bulldogs actually contend in 2015?

Geelong's win over Sydney gets plenty of attention, with the Cats now well poised for the future. But will they keep Steven Motlop?

One team that continues to confound in North Melbourne.

"I've got faith in North Melbourne."

"I don't," said another of our experts. Perhaps that sums up many fans' views.

The boys discuss the two main men in the race for this year's Rising Star, with Ando declaring one may be "the best loser in the history" of the award if he doesn't salute.

Plus there's a bit of trade talk, with Adam Treloar and James Aish front and centre.

"If the Pies can land them both, that's a pretty formidable midfield."

All that and every match discussed in the Round 19 SuperFooty podcast.


Monday, August 3, 2015

The SuperFooty Podcast - Round 18

RICHMOND was top of The SuperFooty Podcast agenda after its magnificent victory over Hawthorn. While they may have showed their rivals how to beat the Hawks, are they now genuine September contenders? The boys discuss the merits of Damien Hardwick’s men.
Essendon copped a heavy defeat, and James Hird’s future is again a hot topic. Will he survive the continued speculation over his future? The panel is divided.
Nathan Buckley’s future is more certain but the direction of his side in 2015 isn’t as clear after the Pies slumped to their sixth straight loss.
Fremantle and West Coast did enough to remain at the top of the AFL’s tree, yet they’re still not receiving much attention — rightly or wrongly. The boys take a look at each team’s performance from the weekend.
Plus we analyse all the other games, and there’s our weekly segments Be Kind, Rewind and Is It Just Me, Or ... where the boys take aim at the head of the AFL.