Sunday, July 26, 2015

The SuperFooty Podcast - Round 17

Everyone's agreed that AFL rules are a mess at the moment but there's not that much agreement on how to fix it, leading to some heated debate in the latest SuperFooty Podcast.

Huddo, Sammy and Mick get fired up about possible solutions, along with the morbidly fascinating Blues and all the other big talking points from Round 17.

With Sydney sinking like a stone, can the Doggies sneak into the Top 4 to complete the feelgood yarn of the season, and who will emerge from the mid-ladder logjam to make the eight?

After five losses on the bounce, should the Pies be panicking, what's the deal with West Coast crowds and how exactly are Freo still top of the ladder?

All that, plus a salute to Boomer, the teasy Dees, Duck's horror show, 'sky rats' at the MCG and a call to introduce protective goggles for players. Blame Dustin Martin.


Sunday, July 19, 2015

The SuperFooty Podcast - Round 16

ROUND 16 was tainted by one of the worst games ever seen but did it also feature one of the greatest individual performances of all time?

With Mick still overseas masterminding the Aussie Ashes renaissance, Huddo, Sammy and Ando debate the MCG horror show, Goldy’s incredible display and the seemingly unstoppable Hawks.

If Richmond are starting to win ugly, Collingwood are starting to lose ugly and do the Eagles really have the chops to take on the roaring premiership favourites?

All this, plus Gaz’s glorious return, Fyfe’s fade, the Tippett conundrum and the hard calls the Cats will have to make after a less than stellar season.


Sunday, July 12, 2015

The SuperFooty Podcast - Round 15

HAWTHORN the team to beat, Freo “shot”, North Melbourne’s landmark win, Jamie Elliott’s poor body language and massive respect shown for Phil Walsh - the footy wasn’t that thrilling in Round 15 but the boys covered a heap in this week’s SuperFooty Podcast.
After an ominous display in Tassie on Sunday, Sammy - as he did in 2014 - is back to writing off Freo.
“I think Fremantle are shot,” he proclaims.
“It just shows that Hawthorn, if there was any slim, sliver of doubt, are absolutely the team to beat.” Few could argue.
North Melbourne and coach Brad Scott were praised for some tough selection choices, while Cats fans Jon Anderson and Anthony Hudson run their rule over their team.
“I think it’s a really challenging period coming up for Chris Scott.”
The Pies have lost three on the trot but while Ando likes where they’re going, what didn’t he like from Jamie Elliott on Friday night? Is Jamie getting a bit of ‘me, me, me’?
The Adelaide sides were praised for their displays and tributes to Phil Walsh in what was another enormously challenging weekend, especially for the Crows. The crowd also received a big tick from our panel.
“There aren’t many more hostile environments than Subiaco when West Coast are playing and you could have heard a pin drop.”
Meanwhile, the Bombers returned to the winner’s list but coach James Hird used fighting words on Sunday. That left Huddo scratching his head.
“I’m surprised, I would have thought he would have been better just to shut up, to be honest,” Huddo said.
“I don’t really understand what he’s trying to achieve by saying sort of half things ... if he wants to keep his job he’s got to be thinking ‘what’s the best for my footy club at the moment?’ and this is not the best for his footy club.”
Every match gets a mention, so while Mick Warner dons the sunscreen and prepares for the Lord’s Test match, tune into this week’s SuperFooty podcast ...


Sunday, July 5, 2015

The SuperFooty Podcast - Round 14

IT’S been a tough weekend in footy and this week’s SuperFooty podcast takes a look back at the round that was.
Anthony Hudson, Sam Edmund and Mick Warner says the AFL community handled the death of Adelaide coach Phil Walsh as well as could be expected.
The main talking points on the field were upset losses to Essendon and North Melbourne - and the fashion in which they went down.
Bombers coach James Hird is feeling the heat after his side’s 110-point loss to the Saints.
“I can’t see him lasting more than a few more weeks,” Mick Warner says.
“There are people within that club that want him out.”
It was a miserable afternoon for everyone at Essendon, including the skipper.
“Jobe Watson just looks like he’s had the life and colour stripped out of him completely,” Sam Edmund says.
“I don’t know if he actually wants to play at the moment, or play for James.”
Meanwhile, St Kilda’s youngsters are on the rise with the panel agreeing the club is “miles ahead of what we thought.”
“Maybe next season they could play finals, who knows?”
North Melbourne was touched up by the Suns, and the podcast was shocked at the form of last year’s preliminary finalists.
“You don’t get belted. You don’t get belted by Gold Coast!” Sammy said.
Huddo ran the rule over the club’s recent first and second-round picks and pondered where they were.
“That is a frighening list,” Sam said.
“That’s a list of draft crimes, a lot of them. Gee whiz, how many busts are in there?”
The boys get animated in Is It Just Me, Or ... with Mick having some strong words for code-hopper Karmichael Hunt, Sammy firing a broadside at runners - saying we don’t need them - and Huddo fed up with the holding-the-ball rule.
Plus the Western Bulldogs, the Tigers, one journalist may be suffering from a case of ‘Fyfe fever’ and a heap more in this week’s SuperFooty podcast.