Sunday, July 27, 2014

The SuperFooty Podcast - Round 18 (week 2)

Collingwood's third straight loss leads this week's SuperFooty Podcast agenda as the boys analyse what's going wrong at the Westpac Centre.

Are the Pies battling as a result of injuries or, as Mick Warner suggests, could there be a bigger issue at play?

The Hawthorn-Sydney blockbuster had plenty of tongues wagging over the weekend and the boys debate which team has more to come back ahead of what they believe might have been a grand final preview - even if one panel member isn't all that excited by one of the flag fancies.

Tyrone Vickery's strike on Dean Cox dominated headlines across the weekend and the boys have their say, and weigh in on how the Tigers and big Ty handled the issue.

Plus the Lions strike, the Suns' woes and your favourite weekly podcast segments - Be Kind Rewind and Is It Just Me Or ...



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