Monday, August 31, 2015

The SuperFooty Podcast - Round 22

RESTING is on the agenda this week after Fremantle coach Ross Lyon signalled his intent to hold several Freo stars back in Perth ahead of his side's Round 23 trip to Port this week.

And there were mixed views among the SuperFooty podcast crew.

"They should do exactly what they're gonna do, and that's mass rest," Sammy Edmund said.

However Mick Warner warned the Dockers against the practise, believing it may cost the minor premier in coming weeks.

"You never flirt with your form, and I'm thrilled that Ross Lyon is doing this. I think it's arrogant and I think it'll come back to bite them on the bum," he said.

"Is it in the spirit of the game? Is the AFL happy with this? Why are we even playing the game? What a rort, the whole game is a joke ... Gillon McLachlan didn't like Lachie Henderson coming out telling the truth (and saying he wanted to be traded), then I'd like to know what he thinks about a team playing dead. I think it stinks."

The coaching merry-go-round continues with a couple of clubs still looking to fill their head post on a permanent basis. And John Worsfold's name has come back into the frame.

"My feeling is if they could get Worsfold to coach them then they would, right now," Huddo says. But which club is Huddo talking about?

Meanwhile the Cats face some tough decisions on list management after failing to reach September, while they also chase a few free agents. But where is their list at?

"You've reached this point now, where, I think you're (Geelong) heading south," Mick said.

"People think you'll get those three players and you'll go up. I'm not convinced about that."

Cats fan Anthony Hudson says the club does need to be cautious as it seeks to rejuvenate.

"The risk they face is turning the team around this way and moving up to finish fifth .. if it doesn't come off, where does it leave them? In the same position they're in now."

Sammy says Brendon Bolton shouldn't have bothered heading north to watch his new club play the Giants, and there's also trade talk about Carlton big man Matthew Kreuzer.

Plus Mick has done some of his best detective work and found THE speech that inspired the Western Bulldogs big win over North Melbourne, and which teams are facing a "catastrophic" result if they lose an elimination final?

All that plus a new segment, Care Factor, in the Round 22 edition of the SuperFooty podcast.



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