Sunday, July 26, 2015

The SuperFooty Podcast - Round 17

Everyone's agreed that AFL rules are a mess at the moment but there's not that much agreement on how to fix it, leading to some heated debate in the latest SuperFooty Podcast.

Huddo, Sammy and Mick get fired up about possible solutions, along with the morbidly fascinating Blues and all the other big talking points from Round 17.

With Sydney sinking like a stone, can the Doggies sneak into the Top 4 to complete the feelgood yarn of the season, and who will emerge from the mid-ladder logjam to make the eight?

After five losses on the bounce, should the Pies be panicking, what's the deal with West Coast crowds and how exactly are Freo still top of the ladder?

All that, plus a salute to Boomer, the teasy Dees, Duck's horror show, 'sky rats' at the MCG and a call to introduce protective goggles for players. Blame Dustin Martin.



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