Sunday, March 20, 2016

Season opener

The boys are back for 2016 and they're joined by a very special guest.
Yes, Robbo joins the usual team - host Anthony Hudson and Herald Sun footy journos Sam Edmund and Mick Warner - to explain his Top 50.
And the chief football writer admits "if I had my time again ...". Who would Robbo like to include? And who did he wrestle with most, and over which positions? Robbo spills the beans on the process he went through to select the best of the best.
The panel give their thoughts on the NAB Challenge, and those at AFL House probably won't be impressed.
Plus there's the usual crystal ball-ing ahead of the season and the lads give their Round 1 tips. That should provide plenty of amusement next week!
It promises to be another big year, so don't miss the SuperFooty podcast.



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