Monday, April 25, 2016

The SuperFooty Podcast - Round 5 review

RICHMOND is under the pump and we have a yellow and black panel in this week's SuperFooty podcast, with Tiger fans Jon Ralph and Mick Warner joining host Anthony Hudson to give their insight into what's up at Punt Road.

And what is the way forward.

"Even if Richmond could make it to the finals they're just wasting their time because they're not going to go deep ... They're in a massive hole, list-wise," one panel member says.

But there might be good things further ahead for Damien Hardwick.

"Richmond have got a lot of money to pay some players next year ... I think they'll get a big fish at the end of the year."

The boys liked what they saw from Collingwood on Anzac Day, but where does this leave Travis Cloke?

"Travis now is like that bush footballer ... he just doesn't go at the pill, but being dropped back might be the best thing for him," one panel member says. Could he be traded at year's end? What price would a club pay? The boys discuss.

Those at the top of the table kept on doing their thing, and Mick says he now believes in North Melbourne.

We shouldn't be surprised by the Sydney Swans' continued success, but Adelaide was "robbed" against the Hawks.

Plus there's the usual segments, Be Kind Rewind, and Is It Just Me, Or ... where someone comes up with "the meanest, most miserable thing" Ralphy has ever heard.

Don't miss a Tiger-filled SuperFooty podcast.

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