Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The SuperFooty Podcast - Carlton's life after Mick

TRADE talk, the Blues board, what next for Mick and the men most likely to replace the veteran coach. Ralphy, Ando and Mick Warner discuss it all in a special SuperFooty podcast

Ando drops a bomb early in our podcast, revealing the Blues had plans in place to sack Mick Malthouse before the weekend before changing their tune.

The podcast team discuss the Blues board and ask: do fans have the power to force a change at the top level?

“One of the things that Carlton supporters think is that these billionaires on their board fund the club and therefore they don’t need to sign up and that couldn’t be further from the truth,” Mick says.

“I’m not sure any of these guys really put in a lot of kanga ... they sacked (Brett) Ratten, and got Mick, and now they’ve sacked Mick.”

Trade and list talk takes up a good share of discussion, with list manager Stephen Silvagni entrusted with the task of rebuilding the list of the bottom-of-the-ladder Blues.

What value does Chris Yarran hold? Meanwhile, Ando thinks Lachie Henderson is a good chance to land at Geelong this summer, and the boys rate his value. How does he compare to a player like Rhys Stanley, whom the Cats traded in last year for pick 21?

“They can’t afford to get a free agent this year ... when Malthouse got to the club, he was stunned at how close their salary cap was to 100 per cent because there was no room to move,” Ando says.

Interim coach John Barker is given little hope of landing the top job permanently according to the boys, who give their probables for the full-time role.

And Ralphy has some advice for Carlton, given their recent with appointing coaches.

“You know what the Blues have to do? George Costanza. Everything that they have as a natural instinct, they should do the opposite.”

Plus our boys on what to expect from Mick in the future, the coaching great’s legacy and how many games the Blues will win in 2015.

It’s a podcast not to miss!



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